Сайн байна уу- Sain baina uu- Hello.

Thank you for visiting website of Altai Nomadic Expedition Co.ltd and for your support of responsible budget travel. We are welcoming you to our BEAUTIFUL MONGOLIAN countryside and inviting you to have well-organized, safe and experience tours and other travel services.

Altai Nomadic Expedition Co.ltd is a 100% Mongolian owned tour agency and tour operator that helps you to acquire accommodation and all kinds of tours in all around Mongolia and dedicated to making your vacation in Mongolia comfortable and relaxing.

Our company established in June, 2010 which has around 10 years professional experiences in Mongolian Tourism Field and from that time we have been serving for many tourists who come from all over the World. We always try to make the best service and friendly staff to serve for our customers. That is probably the reason we became a quite attractive budget tour operator in Ulaanbaatar. We offer our customers the best service at the cheapest price.

Сайн яваарай-Sain yavaarai-Happy Journey!

Altai Nomadic Expedition Mongolia


Ms. Tamiraa Tamir (Co- founder)

Ceo/Operation Manager of  Altai Nomadic Expedition Co.,LTD Mongolia
Languages: English, Japanese
Email: sales@altai-nomadic.com
Cell phone: +976-96650538

I’m from near to Western Altai Mountains. My motherland is consists of steppes, gobi deserts, mountains, rivers and unique formation natures. I grew up with my grand mother who taught me traditional culturals in a nomadic family helping to grandmother, riding Camels, herding animals and producing Dairies etc. I had experienced as TOUR GUIDING & MANAGING for 10 years. Working in a travel tourism section nearly around 10 years.

So I do have plenty of experience of serving all kind of staff to tourists by their needs.Our professional team will be ready for everyone who wants to explore our beautiful Mongolia and will help you to make your memorable tour and full of adventures based on my experience.

Our tours are sure to provide unique and unforgettable experiences, guaranteed to refresh and revitalize both your body and mind.

We will book all kinds of tours all around Mongolia in order to make your holiday wonderful and having fun activities and to feel real habits of Mongolian nomadic family.

Looking forward to authentic Mongolian experiences with you!

Tamir, your local tour expert in Mongolia



Our professional tour guides, assistants and cooks are a talented and the friendliest group of guides, local horseback riders, mountaineers and cooks dedicated to providing safe and adventures. We are proud to be able to provide you with tour assistants / cooks whose education and experience will give you one of the most comprehensive tours in the Mongolian countryside.


Safety always comes first. That’s why we hire only the most highly qualified, dedicated professional drivers who meet our safety standards, customer care and safety. The main role of your tour would be having professional friendly drivers who have enough experience of Mongolian road conditions and directions, and should be a high skilled mechanics. We highly ensure that our drivers have good geographical knowledge of Mongolia and have ability to make their vehicles ready for any tour they going with our customers.